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Ezzells LLC is a family owned and operated full service catering company.  We enjoy helping you plan your event, prepare and then display your selected items in an eye appealing manner.  Our goal is not only for our food to taste exceptional, but look amazing as well!  We have assisted our clients for 25+ years.

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We provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for whatever event you are planning.  From casual "down home good food" to an elegant fine dining experience, we can bring it to you.  Our bake shop can provide delicious goodies, cakes, pies, etc for your event as well.  Our pastry chef began her love for cake decorating while she was in high school, and has gained trememdous skills over the years in her wedding cake and 3D carved cake creations.  Our floral designer not only creates beautiful floral arrangements, but has been known to create and build custom props to enhance the wedding/event decor.  Just let our "one stop shop" team know what your thoughts are and we will go from there!

One Call Does It All!


Our years of experience have taught us many things about preparing and delivering food for offsite events.  Indoor, outdoor, cold, hot, raining, hurricanes, flooding--you name it, we have been through most of it.  It would take a very

 rare occurance to hinder us from ensuring your events goes on as planned.  Our goal is for your event to occur as you had envisioned it and dreamed about.

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Ezzell's, LLC. 153 John Rich Rd, Warsaw, NC 28398

153 John Rich Road, Warsaw, North Carolina 28398, United States

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